a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting

Avanthea. The very name speaks of the unique and powerful mythology that defines this world. Sculpted and shaped by the merciless winds of history and time, it is a world of ancient mystery and living intrigue.  Magic abounds and is a powerful force; yet even magic knows limitations, and a lone hero with a strong blade and a stronger heart may prevail.  Avanthea is a world of adventure, a world meant for heroes…

Character Creation
  • Introduction—A glance at the setting-specific content.
  • History—The ages of Avantia.
  • Choosing a Race—Rich and diverse races of Avantia.
  • Classes—The routes to professional advancement.
  • Backgrounds—Additional backgrounds for characters in the Worlds of Avantia campaign.
  • Deities—The Avantian pantheon.
  • Alignment—Expanding in depth descriptions.
Campaign Guide
  • History—From the dawn of creation to the present age.
  • Geography—Avantia's towns, kingdoms, wildernesses, and more.
  • Inhabitants—Races of Avantia, humanoid and monstrous alike.
  • Organizations—The various organized groups of Avantia.
  • Magic—All things related to magic throughout Avantia.
  • Arms and Equipment—Expanding the equipment and accoutrements available to characters.

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